For Lovers of Photography, the possibility to follow a trail that winds through the scenic spots and landscape. A chance to capture charming views at different moments of the day, sunrise to sunset… and immortalise those memories through photographs.

Belvedere from the Ziro tower

Wide view from the top of an ancient watchtower overlooking the Amalfi and Atrani countries

Belvedere of Positano

Terrace overlooking Positano, allows you to admire the vertical structure of the country and the remaining coastline

Niemeyer Auditorium

Place of concerts and events in Ravello that offers a breathtaking view, its architectural curved line follows the profile of the coast

Walking around Torre Asciola

Pleasant walk along the coast that skirts the sea of ​​Praiano on the one hand and the mountain rock on the other

Villa Rufolo

Place that houses architectural and artistic wonders of Ravello, with colourful gardens from which you can look out to enjoy an indescribable landscape of the Gulf

Belvedere don Raffaele Mansi

Splendid view over the port of Amalfi from a terrace in front of the Church of a small hamlet of the city

Belvedere Mortella

Small terrace overlooking Minori offering a full view of the village, from sea to inland valley

Belvedere Principessa di Piemonte

A colorful garden, located in the upper part of Ravello, at 315 meters above sea level, offers breathtaking views of the entire coastline

Furore Fjord

Enchanting natural phenomenon with its high gorge cliffs to the side, on which cling the colourful fishermans houses, accessed by the meandering stairways and the arched connecting bridge above looking down on the narrow picturesque beach

Belvedere Basilica Saint Eustachio

The charming landscape of the village Scala, where there are the ruins of a Basilica that dominates Amalfi from above

Walk of the love

Small path that allows you to relax observing the views of Conca dei Marini and reading love poems painted on ceramic tiles

Walk Marina di Praia

Pleasant walk along the waterfront that runs along the clear waters of Praiano

Walk to the Gavitella beach

Path that winds through the narrow alleyways of Praiano, between houses and plots of land, to go down to the beach and have a swim in the clear waters

Walk of the Positanesi d’America

Path along the coastline, from the center of Positano, to reach the picturesque small beaches

Panoramic path Monte Falerio

Path in the mountains, behind Cetara, to enjoy a panoramic view from Salerno to Cetara

Path for Punta d’Aglio

From a small village of Scala, situated 400 m. above sea level, you have a complete view of Atrani, Ravello and part of the Coast

Villa Cimbrone

Ravello historical building with gardens, tree-lined streets adorned with statues and with the famous belvedere that offers indescribable landscapes on the whole gulf

Path Dragonea – Iaconti

Path that starts from the mountains overlooking Vietri sul Mare up to the Marina, with glimpses over Vietri and Salerno

Poggio Le Marelle

Little corner of paradise in Furore, in the upper between Conca dei Marini and Praiano