Photography Tour

For Lovers of photography, the possibility to follow a trail that winds through the scenic spots and landscape. A chance to capture charming views at different moments of the day, sunrise to sunset… and immortalise those memories through photographs that can then be treasured forever.

Ceramic Tour

For Artists, Craftsmen, Ceramicists and Painters, a chance to visit pottery workshops, to learn manufacturing techniques, decoration and firing of local pottery. A chance to create and take away a souvenir made with your own hands.

Shopping Tour

Those interested in style and fashion in Capri, Positano, Sorrento and other coastal towns, you have the opportunity to follow an itinerary of boutiques, sandal shops, local craft and gift shops, and the opportunity to be guided, if needed, by a local personal shopper.

Sport Tour

Dedicated to lovers of land and water sports, all types of sports available such as: Trekking, Diving, Kayaking, Sailing, Windsurfing and Scenic walks.