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Revolutionize the concept of your holiday” means to recommend and customize your atypical paths, which are different from the usual tourist routes, and that are a unique fit for the tourists according to their needs, demands, tastes and desires, to ensure that they may be led to the discovery of the unique territory, shown from a different point of view.

This innovative concept sets the overall guidelines for my management.

My name is Sonia De Concilio and I obtained a degree in Economics, Management and Enhancement of Heritage Tourism.

Now I am a Tourist Manager, a professional figure who carries out the activities aimed at the development and management of our heritage, in this case, of Salerno and the “divine” Amalfi Coast.
My goal is to discover the unknown corners of this territory and to make them accessible to visitors to our area, according to their individual interests.

I can optimize the visit, through advising . I am also available to provide every advice and assistance reguarding places to visit, accommodation, restaurants, excursions, transport and schedules etc.

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Come and discover the unknown beauty of Salerno and the Amalfi Coast;
let us be your guide

Choose from the visits below those that you would like to make
and mix them with others to create a truly personalized itineray 

Fill out the Form to book the advice you need for YOUR tailored tour


archeology | architecture

On this tour you’ll experience pathways that embrace the region’s art and the history that many have studied following the classification UNESCO. Such artistic and historical are evoked by unforgettable visits to churches, ancient villas, towers, castles, homes of the local nobility and to sites marking the beginnings of the local commerce and industry.

typical products | cooking school

You’ll have the opportunity to delve into the true local traditions through food and wine tours that will give you a taste of the local cuisine and the typical products through authentic cooking lessons, visits to distilleries, wine cellars and pastry shops to get to know the character of these product and to enjoy them.

photography | ceramic | fashion | sport

These itineraries offer you the opportunity to visit the Amalfi Coast and follow your own areas of interest. They are all dedicated to those who want to combine their passions with their holiday, from photography to ceramics and from shopping to sport.



acc Sonia De Concilio | Tour Manager
tel  (+39) 3894760728
email  info@personaltourist.eu
fb  Personal Tourist Amalfi Coast

Availability: Mon – Sun, 09:00 to 20:00

In order to be able to customize your experience, we ask you to fill in the form related to your individual interests and requirements, which will enable us to advise a dedicated itinerary for YOU.
You will receive a reply within 24 hours.


€ 5,00 (fee for whole group | stay 3 days)
Suggestion/ Basic itinerary (not detailed), without assistance


€ 20,00 (fee for whole group | stay 3 days)
Itinerary (with timetables, information and further explanations), without assistance


€ 80,00 (daily fee for whole group)
Itinerary (with timetables, information, explanations and further advice) + HELPLINE during your stay (problem solving and/or program changes)


€ 15,00 (daily fee for whole group)
Itinerary (with timetables, information, explanations and further advice) + ON-SITE assistance during your stay (assistance on managing and booking of services and entertainment, problem solving and/or program changes)


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    *The paths in the hills offer the opportunity to walk the ancient stairs that connect the different urban centers." Therefore, to get a complete customization of the tour, it is important to understand the members’attitude reguarding movement according to their age and health status.
    Under Law 196/2003 on privacy (italian low) please note that the personal data you provide will be collected by us only and exclusively for the use requested and that no other use will be made outside of the one you have granted us, unless your specific authorization.

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    Mr. Rossi, filling in the form to customize the tour, asked:
    – Cultural itinerary, adding the historical monuments to the panoramic routes.
    Below are the details of his reservation:
    – Number of days: 3
    – Type of group: a couple
    – No kids
    – Arrival on site by private car
    – Accommodation already booked on their own
    Package itinerary: STANDARD (detailed itinerary)


    Mr. Rossi and his wife arrived on the coast the evening of July 27 with their car and stayed in Maiori, in the Hotel that they booked.
    Having requested only a detailed itinerary (with timetables, information and detailed explanations) without the assistance of management and booking of services and entertainment, Mr. Rossi receives the following service:

    DAY 1 – July 28
    Visit to the classical world:

    Mr. Rossi got the driving directions to reach Marina di Vietri, a village famous for its handmade pottery, with his own car at 09:30 and visit the Roman Baths of Bagnara. Next is a visit to the Port of Fuenti, from the Roman period, to take a step back into antiquity and enjoy the aspects of the classical world that have made ​​the distinctive coastline and its infrastructure.
    Mr. Rossi receives driving directions to arrive at Minor, at 11:30. Here you can visit a housing complex from Roman times: the seaside villa excavated in the town, which has remained almost intact.
    For lunch Mr and Mrs Rossi will eat according to their culinary tastes.

    The Rossi’s receive all driving directions towards Positano to take the ferry at 16:00 from the port of Positano to the islets “Li Galli”. They are located in front of the village of Positano and are remembered for the famous legend of Ulysses, the only one who could resist the songs of the mythical sirens who, in that stretch of sea, enchanted the sailors to wreck their ships on the rocks.
    Here you can visit the Roman Maritime Villa of “Li Galli” (Gallo Lungo Island), built by a wealthy Roman to benefit from the incredible and natural beauty of Costa.

    After the visit, Mr and Mrs Rossi will take the ferry to return to Positano, where they can enjoy free time until sunset. There, Mrs. Rossi will immerse himself in shopping in the village boutiques, full of clothes and handmade sandals, typical of the Moda Positano.

    In addition I will show you a belvedere in Positano where you can watch a wonderful sunset over the sea between the islands of Li Galli and Capri.
    For dinner, Mr and Mrs Rossi will eat according to their culinary tastes.
    After dinner, they’ll return to their hotel with their own car.

    DAY 2 – July 29
    Visit to the medieval world

    Mr Bianchi, who filled in the form for the customized tour, asked for information about:
    – The Gastronomic journey, combining tasting of typical dishes and a cultural itineray
    His booking reservation includes:
    – No of days: 3 
    – Type of group: 6 adults 
    – Children: none
    – Place of arrival: Naples Airport
    – Accommodation: not-booked.
    Package tour: PLUS (detailed itinerary with helpline)


    Mr Bianchi and his five friends will arrive at Naples Airport in the afternoon on 5 August.

    Not having booked an Hotel for his group, Mr. Bianchi asked me to make a reservation on his behalf in one of the Coast’s Luxury Hotels. I booked 3rooms for them in Amalfi hotel, in order to offer a central location for their Food & Wine Tour.
    Having also requested “the assistance +” (24 hour assistance on managing and booking of services and entertainment. Also, with all the relevant detailed information reguarding timetables etc), Mr. Bianchi and his group will receive the following services:
    AFTERNOON / EVENING – August 5

    In the afternoon of 5 August, as well as by agreement, a car will be waiting for the Mr Bianchi’s group at Naples Airport at the scheduled arrival, to drive them to the hotel.
    The group will arrive at the hotel, drop off their luggage and have dinner in their hotel.
    Mr Bianchi, asked if it is possible, if they can go on an evening boat trip after dinner, so they can admire the beautiful coastline. So I made contact with a local excursion boat skipper, who will have his boat ready for them at the harbour. The excursion will last about an hour, the skipper will provide commentary during the trip and there will be a short stop to take an evening swim in the beautiful waters of the coast. At the end of the scenic sailing, the skipper will take them back to the port and, from there, the Mr Bianchi’s group will can visit Amalfi, the famous city that gave its name to the Coast.
    After that, the group will returne to their hotel.

    DAY 1 – August 6
    Mr. Bianchi will rent a chauffeur driven car, which he will use throughout this visit to the Coast.

    So, as per the reservation agreement, at 8:30, the group will be accompanied in Maiori for the tasting of a typical dish: the aubergine with chocolate.
    There, the group will have the opportunity to do a half-day with a guided tour in one of the traditional lemon groves of the coast, (where he will learn the techniques of cultivation of the “Limone Costa d’Amalfi” IGP), and in one of the artisan liqueurs (where you can assist to the workmanship of the famous lemon liqueur  called “Limoncello” and taste it).

    At 13.30, Mr. Bianchi’s group can choose between two types of dining in two different locations:

    1st. In Minor for pasta tasting (the’ndunderi, lagane, curly and macaroni) with fish.
    2nd. In Tramonti for the tasting of married soup (served with pork stomach and some bones) and a typical liquor of the area to end the meal, the “concierto” (herbal liqueur product by the Franciscan friars of Tramonti).
    The group choose the pasta tasting, so they will be accompanied in Minori by their driver.
    At 16:00, Mr. Bianchi’s Group has the possibility to visit the vineyards and wineries of “Tenuta San Francesco” in Tramonti, tasting their grape berries and the wine made from them.
    At 20.00, they are taken to get Cetara for dinner and the tasting of anchovies “alla scapece” (oil, garlic, vinegar and mint) and the “Cuoppo” of Paranza.
    After dinner there will be free time to visit to the marina and the village.
    The driver will wait for them at 23:00 (time previously agreed) to accompany them to the Hotel.

    DAY 2 – August 7

    Mr. Green, filling in the form to customize his tour, requested:
    – Leisure Tour
    Below are the details of his reservation:
    – Number of days: 3
    – Type of group: family
    – Children between 10-16 years: Two
    – arrival on the Amalfi by private car
    – accommodation booked
    Itinerary Package: BASIC (Idea/Draft Itinerary)



    Mr. Green and his family arrive in Amalfi by car, on the afternoon of 24 June. They have already booked their hotel.

    Mr. Green has requested a draft itinerary for his visit (without assistance, management and booking services) so I send him only the itinerary’s draft, remaining available for any questions:

    DAY 1 – June 25

    Morning: visit the lemon terraces, starting from Minori (famous for its homemade pasta), climb the stairways to Ravello (renowned for its breathtaking views); continue to the seaside village of Atrani (the famous village/ crib), and finally to Amalfi, the town from which the coast takes its name.
    Opportunity to enjoy unique experiences on the waters of Cetara: wind surfing or diving with professional instructors.
    Visit Amalfi or Cetara for lunch.
    Afternoon: Excursions in Kayak at sunset (from Amalfi to the Fiord of Furore)
    Explore the Amalfi Coast in company of raptors (from Positano to Nocelle)
    A free evening with dinner according to your culinary tastes.


    DAY 2 – June 26 …