Opportunity to immerse yourself in a world full of monumental evidences, Hellenistic, Roman, medieval and industrial. Which allows you to admire aspects of the territory in all periods of its history, and its artistic influences from the Western world and the Eastern one.

Church and Convent of Saint Francesco

Both buildings built in 1405 in Maiori. Renaissance style is subject to successive updates of the Rococo style lately

Cathedral of Saint Lorenzo

The Scala’s Cathedral is a monument dedicated to the patron Saint of the city.  Dating back to the 12th century, one of the Romanesque model but in the style of the 18th century.

Moresca/ Moorish fountain

Situated in the Piazza Fontana in Ravello, inspired by the ancient tabernacle of the village’s cathedral, the fountain depicts a bull and a winged lion in lava stone

Roman Villa

Built in the early twentieth century in the Reggina Minor valley, Today the villa represents a perfect example of luxury residential architecture of the Roman upper classes.

Church of Saint Eustachio

A rich and ancient church of Scala, dating back to the first half of the 12th century

Tower of Ziro

The old control tower (1151) of Pontone (Scala), is located between Atrani and Amalfi, the site of one of the most violent events in the bloody history of the region

Church of Saint Filippo Neri

Situated in the Hamlet of Pontone (Scala), dating from the tenth century, but it has been a subject to later additions

Church of Saint Giovanni Battista

Dating back to 21th century, located in the ancient medieval village par excellence, of Pontone (Scala)

Church of Saint Giovanni del Toro

Built in Ravello between 975 and 1018 by the noble families of the time, the three-apse (or triapsidal?) Church was consecrated in 1276

Norman Tower

Built on sheer cliffs of Maiori, it is the oldest of the coastal watchtower (1250-1300); Today it is used as a restaurant

Chapel of Saint Rocco

The small chapel, located on the course of Maiori, was built in 1656 to honour the saint who freed the country from the plague

Castle of Thoro Plano

The fortress, built around the year 840, served to the residents of Maiori to defend against Longobards and Barbaresque pirates

Church of the Annunciation

Founded in the 9th century in the hamlet of Minuta (Scala), the Church is a magnificent example of medieval architecture

 Church of Saint Michele Arcangelo

The structure appears to be in existence since 1297, and is positioned in Torello, a charming suburb of Ravello

Cave of Saint Alfonso

A small cave located in Scala and used at the time by St. Alfonso for meditation; there is an adjoining chapel dedicated to the saint

Collegiate Church of Santa Maria a Mare

On Mount Torena Maiori, the Church takes the name of the statue that was found on one of the country’s beaches in 1204

Tower of Capo di Conca

A watchtower built around the 15th century, situated on a strip of coast facing towards the sea

 Tower Asciola / Assiola

There is evidence documenting its existence from the year 1260, then later it became a watchtower as a result of various adaptations

Villa Cimbrone

Ravello historical building with gardens, tree-lined streets adorned with statues and with the famous belvedere that offers indescribable landscapes on the whole gulf

Villa Rufolo

Place that houses architectural and artistic wonders of Ravello, with colourful gardens from which you can look out to enjoy an indescribable landscape of the gulf

Museum of the Compass and of the Maritime Duchy of Amalfi

The rich museum collection documents the extraordinary history of the ancient Maritime Republic.

Paper Museum

Interesting and interactive location to discover the art of handmade paper, set in a former paper mill in Amalfi.